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"By the 264th month" という題で、20代の子供の親についてのエッセイがありました。


筆者が親ですので、代名詞の I や us は親のサイド、she や her は (娘) としてお読みください。

What does it mean to be the parents of adults ? What is our job now ? Are we still responsible for them ? Do we continue - as in years past - to try to stand between our children and the harshness of the world ? Or do we let the world do its worst, in the hope that experiencing inevitable failure and headache will teach them what it truly means to be an adult ?・・・・


Since she moved to Washington, I hardly ever see her - may be four or five times a year. As we drifted together, I felt - and resisted - the urge to tell her how to live her life, to fill her ears with unsought counsel. Instead, I just sat there, watching the sunshine on her hair, my heart so full.

After a while, she looked her watch, "So, how much longer do you want to keep doing this ?"

"Forever", I said, as my throat closed up. But I knew our time grew short.






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